26 May


These are the ideal boxes for storing your farm produce, which can be 3ply or 5ply according to customers specifications.It`s  premium quality protect your box from mechanical damage due to drops, impacts, vibration and compression loads .We have them in 5kg & 6kg. The vegetable box is also designed with ventilation  for cooling purposes. The boxes also helps maintain the integrity of the product, achievable for carrying your produce over long distances.

05 May


Archive boxes are made for holding files, records. Ideal for organization of your items and storage. Archive boxes have hand holes for easy lifting. It is excellent for long term storage of archival materials.

We also manufacture with a high quality paper specification which assures durability as well as performance.

25 Apr



We manufacture die cut boxes, they are customized corrugated boxes designed to fit any shape, size or need.

They are also shaped to more perfectly fit your product. They are also custom made and usually self-locking

with the closure designed into the packaging. The die cut boxes slot together with no need for tape, making

them easy to assemble.

They can also be branded by printing a logo so as your brand can be identified in the market and also create

the customer experience your business is looking for. They are also versatile and can be made into many customized shapes.


19 Apr


As a company, we manufacture flower boxes suitable for export. They consists of top and bottom, most common sizes are standard, Zim boxes.

The design of the box, in combination of high quality printing and right choice of material used, will ensure your flowers arrive in the best condition and endure land-freight conditions. They can be fully customized with your branding to help promote your brand. We can also manufacture according to consumers specifications.

28 Mar


Primary purpose of packaging is to protect its contents from any damage that could help during transport, handling and storage. Also it protects the product from humidity, light heat and other external factors.

Wandi packaging will help you get high quality corrugated cartons for your products. We also produce packaging which is simple to open and close, easy to fold and sort after usage, and which can be reused or recycled will satisfy some of the consumers requirements.

Fragile content, including glass products, electronic items and chemical liquids, remain secure and protected with corrugated  packaging. The corrugated material also has tear resistant qualities that keep the packaging intact and protect products from exposure.

17 Mar


Having your boxes branded will enable your product to get identity in the market. It will also attract new customers and keep loyal customers.

Wandi packaging will help you label your boxes with your logo and any details you want included in your boxes hence will create your own brand identity in the market

Having your business name on the box will ensure the customer to see your product name, again and again and establish your credibility and will initially spark interest from customers.

11 Mar


As a company, we are among the leading producers of corrugated boxes, flower boxes, RSC boxes and die cut boxes either 3ply or 5ply bearing in mind our customer`s requirements.

We give top quality of competitive market prices by being effective and efficient exceeding our customers expectations. With a team of dedicated and hardworking staff were able to outsource for raw materials with the shortest time possible, produce and deliver our boxes to your doorstep within the lean time stipulated.

08 Mar


Regular Slotted cartons (RSC) boxes are the most common form of sustainable packaging used in modern business

We produce both 3ply and 5ply boxes whereby our MOQ ( Minimum Order Quantity ) is 1,000 boxes.

18 Oct

3 benefits of corrugated cardboard packaging

Corrugated cardboard is the packing material of choice for many brands and industries. Its high-tech construction ensures the material can carry a wide range of weights, protects against moisture and provides sustainable packaging solutions. Furthermore, corrugated cardboard is highly customizableand very cost-effective. Let’s delve a little deeper into the world of corrugated cardboard and find out what else it has in store from a packaging designer’s point of view.

Corrugated cardboard is made from arched paper known as ‘fluting’. It’s a fairly high-tech solution that uses advanced computer design and manufacturing systems. It’s this design that makes corrugated cardboard the best choice for many packaging designers.

Corrugated cardboard packaging protects

Corrugated carton provides a stable cushion for any product, keeping items safe during long-distance transportation, shipping and handling. Depending on the amount of protection that is required corrugated cardboard can be varied in sizes and thickness. Also, corrugated keeps moisture away from the products, which is especially important for food products that need to withstand long shipping times.

Corrugated cardboard is extremely customizable

We already mentioned that the thickness of corrugated cardboard can be adjusted to make it a perfect fit for any product. What’s more, corrugated cardboard can receive different coatingstreatments and adhesives and it can even become flame resistant. Corrugated comes in all sizes and can be easily folded into different shapes to make it a perfect fit for any industry. Furthermore, printing options are also widely customizable.

Corrugated cardboard is cost-effective and sustainable

Corrugated cardboard boxes are some of the least expensive cartons available. They don’t require high labor costs or costly tools to manufacture and fill the boxes. Apart from that, corrugated is fairly easy to recycle and the boxes can be folded back up and stored away for later use.